Use of the TripMate app


How much data and storage will TripMate use?

For an average commute of 1 hour each way, TripMate will use around 4.2MB of data and less memory than a digital photo. Each journey is deleted after transmission freeing up space in your storage. If you would like to only use Wi-Fi to transmit your journey data, you can make this change in the Preferences section of the app.

How often does TripMate send data?

If TripMate is set to use your mobile data then the data will be sent during the course of your journey. If it’s set to transmit via Wi-Fi, then the data will be saved and transferred the next time your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi. See the Preferences section of the app to change these settings.

What should I do if my email address changes?

Once you have created your TripMate user account, you cannot change the email address associated with this account. If your email address changes, we recommend that you create a new user account.

Android: Why does the TripMate icon stay visible in the top notification bar?

TripMate is always on so our icon is always visible and there is also a fixed notification in your pull-down notification menu so you are aware that TripMate is running. These notifications cannot be removed unless you force stop TripMate. This causes TripMate to stop running and prevents your journeys from being recorded.

Can I still use TripMate when I switch phones?

Yes. After downloading TripMate on your new phone simply login with your existing email address and password and all your journey data will be viewable on your new phone.

What is TripMate’s impact on my phone’s battery?

While a journey is in progress, TripMate will consume battery power comparable to other navigational apps. Battery usage while you are not in motion is negligible.

What data does TripMate store and where is the data stored?

TripMate stores location-based data from your journeys and encrypts it prior to transmission to our servers. You can view the TripMate Privacy Statement within the Terms & Conditions on this app.