Journey Recording


How does automatic journey recording work?

TripMate is always on in the background and is automatically activated when you start a journey by detecting a faster and longer movement from one point to another. TripMate may continue to record after your journey has ended in order to confirm that you are not sitting at a traffic light or stuck in a traffic jam.

Why was all or part of my journey not recorded?

TripMate will not record a journey if your battery level is too low. To change this, you can adjust the battery level limit in the Settings menu. Technical challenges may also prevent journey capture, such as loss of GPS or mobile network connections. It can also take a while for your journey to appear on your phone depending on if you selected mobile data or Wi-Fi to transmit your journeys.

What if a journey is captured and I wasn’t the driver?

If you were a passenger in a vehicle or if you were using another mode of transportation, you can edit the tag associated with this journey to reflect this. You need to go into the journey list, click on the journey you want to re-tag and tap on the pencil icon to do this.