Getting Started with the TripMate app


How do I download the TripMate app?

To download TripMate, you simply need to download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. If your phone runs the iOS operating system, you can follow this link to the App Store and download TripMate to your phone. If your phone runs the Android operating system, you can follow this link to the Google Play Store and download TripMate to your phone.

How do I register on the app?

Once you have downloaded TripMate, open the app and the first screen you see should be the registration screen. You then need to fill in the relevant information for each of the registration fields on the screen, and click ‘Submit’. Once you have clicked ‘Submit’, you should have successfully registered for an account on the TripMate app.

If you have any issues submitting your details to register, double check that you have answered all the mandatory fields before submitting your details again. If you are still having problems, get in touch with us on

I’m having trouble logging in?

If you have already registered for an account on TripMate but you are having trouble logging into your account please get in touch with us on and we’ll try to get this issue resolved for you.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, simply navigate to the ‘Change Password’ section of the ‘More’ menu where you can update your password. Note: passwords should be 8 characters in length and contain at least 1 number plus 1 lowercase letter and 1 uppercase letter.

If you are having trouble changing your password, simply contact our support service through the ‘Contact’ section in the ‘More’ menu and we can try to get this issue resolved for you.

How do I record a journey?

To record a journey on the TripMate app simply turn on your phone’s location and TripMate should start to automatically record your journey once you start driving. We do this by using the sensors in your smartphone in order to sense the movement.

Alternatively, you can manually start recording a journey by tapping the ‘Rec’ button on the home screen and once you reach your destination, you can tap the ‘Cancel’ button. Note: for this to work, you will need to ensure that your phone’s location is switched on.

You should also tap ‘Rec’ or ‘Cancel’ before starting your journey and once you have finished driving. Remember, use of a phone while driving is often illegal, and if you have to use your phone it should be through a hands-free device. Be sure to always comply with the law when you are driving.

How do I tag a journey?

To tag a journey on TripMate, navigate to your ‘Journey List’ screen, tap on the journey that you would like to update the tagging for and then click the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be given a number of options including ‘Driving’, ‘Passenger’, ‘Walking’ and ‘Cycling’ that you can choose from. Select the option which fits this particular journey best and click ‘Save’.

What do the scores mean?

TripMate scores journeys across five key areas including speed, smooth driving, mobile use, fatigue and time of day.

We also provide drivers with journey scores and user scores - the journey score is an aggregation of the scores from the five key scoring areas from your journey, the user score is an aggregation of all your journey scores to create an overall score based on your driving style.

Below is a simple explanation of the five key scores:

  • Smooth driving: measures your anticipation of events by analysing the smoothness of your acceleration, braking and cornering

  • Mobile use: measures your mobile phone usage behind the wheel by tracking anything from texting to phone calls and app usage

  • Fatigue: measures the length of your journey. Drivers should take a rest after driving continuously for 2 hours as fatigue can set in

  • Speed: measures the safety of the speed your car is travelling at, relative to other road users

  • Time of day: this considers the time of day or night of your journey. Driving during the night is around 10 times riskier than driving in the daytime

What can I expect from TripMate? What is the purpose of the app?

TripMate has been developed to help drivers understand their driving style helping them to see where they can make improvements in order to become safer drivers. TripMate uses a powerful scoring algorithm to score a drivers journeys from 0 - 100 across five key scoring areas.

With TripMate, we are aiming to help drivers understand more about their driving style and engage with their behaviour behind the wheel in order to become safer and smarter on the road. At TripMate, we believe that by helping drivers to engage with their driving style, the roads will become a safer, smarter and greener place for all road users.