Welcome to TripMate


Today, we launch TripMate, the safe driving app!

But what is TripMate and why should you download it?

We know your phone is probably full of apps you never use just taking up space on your device and in a world where there is an app for everything what makes TripMate not only special, but useful to you?

TripMate is a free-to-download app which has been designed to use the powerful sensors on your smartphone to track your journeys, monitor your driving style and help you to understand and improve your driving to become safer behind the wheel.

TripMate is suitable for all drivers, young or old, whether you’ve recently passed your test or you’re an experienced pro, and it is particularly beneficial for any driver looking to become better and safer behind the wheel.

After each journey you complete, TripMate will provide you with tailored feedback about that journey and your driving behaviour to help you make beneficial changes to your driving style.

TripMate scores you from 0-100 across five key driving areas - speed, smooth driving, mobile distraction, fatigue and time of day - and the higher your score, the better your driving.

We have chosen these driving areas to score you against as they are proven to be the most predictive of your likelihood to have an accident. You can find out more about our scoring on the homepage.

With TripMate, we are making driving safer and smarter by giving drivers like you access to information about your driving style so you can become safer behind the wheel making our roads better for everyone.

Download TripMate from the App Store or Play Store today to see for yourself how it can help you to become a better driver.

Team TripMate