About the TripMate app


What is TripMate?

TripMate is a mobile app that records and assesses your driving habits. We provide you with a score for each journey you take as well as detailed feedback based on your driving skills, helping you to become a smarter and safer driver.

How do I use TripMate?

Once installed, TripMate works in the background to capture the relevant journey details when you are in motion to deliver your scores. Before a journey, remember to take your phone with you and make sure your GPS is enabled to ensure accurate journey capture.

Do I have to pay to use the TripMate app?

TripMate is free to download and use however mobile data charges may apply depending on your mobile provider and plan. If you want to prevent data charges, you can set TripMate to transmit data using Wi-Fi only in the Preferences section of the app.