TripMate: The Safe Driving App

With TripMate, we are making driving safer and smarter by giving drivers like you access to information about their driving style to help them become safer behind the wheel.

TripMate’s Scoring Explained…

Smooth Driving

Our Smooth Driving score is a measure of your anticipation of traffic flow, taking into account how hard you accelerate and brake.

A good Smooth Driving score indicates that you are driving smoothly and safely throughout your journeys.

Mobile Use

Our Mobile Use score measures mobile phone usage when you are behind the wheel.

TripMate tracks all instances of phone calls and any physical use of the phone that took place throughout your journey. Our Mobile Use score takes into account the mental distraction caused by being on your phone whilst driving and the physical distraction which measures how much you physically interact with your phone during your journey.


Our Speed score tracks the safety of the speed your car is travelling at throughout your journey.

If you are flowing with the traffic at an appropriate speed you will get a better score than if you are driving too fast or weaving through other traffic. TripMate does not use road speed limits to calculate the Speed score because we recognise these sometimes change and variable limits can apply.


Our Fatigue score assesses the additional risk you may be exposing yourself to by driving for an extended period of time. This score does not in any way measure how physically tired you are personally!

To reduce the risk it is advised that drivers take breaks during long journeys to avoid losing concentration or becoming fatigued.

Time of Day

Our Time of Day score considers the time of day or night that you are completing your journey.

This score has nothing to do with how you drive; instead it relates to the risk posed by driving at that particular time of the day. Be aware that late night journeys are up to 10 times riskier than driving during the daytime so driving during the night will impact your score.

TripMate App
Woman using TripMate App

TripMate: Your Ultimate Driving Companion


TripMate allows you to:

  • Track your journeys

  • Monitor your driving style

  • Understand and improve your driving to become safer on the roads

...all through the powerful sensors on your smartphone!

TripMate monitors and scores your journeys and driver behaviour as well as providing tailored feedback to help you become a safer and smarter driver.

By using the technology we have available and understanding driver behaviours, we believe that TripMate can make our roads better for everyone.

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